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Improve flexibility & core strength – De-stress through relaxation & breathing techniques – Improve body function & sleep – Strengthen, stretch & tone

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Body shape is about achieving your goals and helping transform all aspects of your health.

#1 destinaton for sports.

Our Fitness Training can improve your sports performance by getting your body used to otherwise foreign moves.

Free nutrition plans.

Eating a well-balanced diet can help you get the nutrients you need including regular exercise.



Ultimate Sweat Zone provides over 45 classes each week all included in your membership. We know exactly what women want and need to get the result they’ve dreamed of and our diverse range of classes provide just that! Our instructors deliver a motivating and friendly environment welcome to all women!



Mix up your cardio exercise with our interactive treadmills! Burn fat, Strengthen your heart and lungs, and improve your endurance all in in one!



Group Cycle is a cardio class that uses the principles of ‘Interval Training’, alternating between periods of high & low intensity exercise. Your instructor will take you on uphill adventures and flat road sprints, while listening to tunes that match the intensity.

Interval training does not allow your body to get used to an exercise format, making your body work harder and speeding up your overall results



Weights are an essential part of every woman’s exercise routine to prevent loss of bone density, improve motor performance and decrease the risk of injury. Safe & easy to use pin-loaded fixed weights. Extensive range of free weights to target more specific muscle groups. Increases bone density and weight loss. Great for toning, definition & strength



Focused on postural alignment and activating the core muscles, Pilates will strengthen, tone and connect the body through breathing and movement

Cycle - 30 minutes

Cycle to fitting music that takes you uphill adventures and fat road sprints. Cycle classes alternate between high & low intensity exercise, designed to bur excess body fat

Express Cycle - 60 Minutes

This challenging power ride will increase your endurance, core strength and fitness levels leaving you feeling pumped


Enjoy a Latin inspired, calorie burning dance class using energizing rhythms & fun beats. This class will make you forget that you’re even at the gym!

Strengthen & Toning Classes

Improve bone density – Tone & strengthen – Increase weight loss


Using a bar-bell & weights, this traditional strength training class matches movement to music. Be Prepared to feel your body become leaner, stronger and more toned

Abs & Butts

A Low Impact class focusing on the bottom, abdominals and thighs

Strength & Cardio

The All in one classes that focus on it all Burn fat – increase fitness & energy levels – Lift Mood – improve sleep – improve bone density – Tone & strengthen

Power Circuit

All invigorating cardio and weight training class with challenging workout stations designed to condition and strengthen the whole body. A fun, interaction class that will burn calories!